Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why Muslims are in America

From the inauguration site at Wall St., after George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the United States, the founding fathers walked to nearby St. Paul's Chapel. Though the exact prayer is not recorded, it was here they did pray and dedicated the new country to God Almighty. It was commonly understood among them that this new nation depended upon the graciousness of the Creator as revealed in the Bible and if the country would ever depart from this grace, their new founded country would not stand.

This is evident in their writings including Franklin and Jefferson. These two are most often set apart as the least religious, but they were far more Christian than the majority of leaders today!

As Jonathan Cahn pointed out in The Harbinger, St. Paul's Chapel was the only building at ground zero that did not received substantial damage. Our America had received a warning.  Though an attack against the center of government power,  the Capitol Building or White House was averted, the financial and military centers were not.  The Pentagon was hit and of course the financial sector was badly wounded. America, seasoned and preserved by Christians, stood.  But America was warned.

The country was founded on Biblical, Christian principles and held together by the same.  It has always been much more than a financial empire only. But was there a reason you are here and your cousins are still in Europe, Asia, Africa? Or is there no reason, just chaos, random fortune?  To begin with, there was a known reason, religious freedom, escape the state run church. It couldn't have been financial since the first winter killed off half the Pilgrims and the second winter halved them again. Somehow this spirit remained throughout our brief history.  This I believe is what Yeshua meant when he called his followers the salt of the world. Our numbers are still large but it does not take much salt to spice a dish or preserve food from spoiling.

So if there is a reason, and just not more utter random chaos, what is the reason for Muslims coming to America?  It is opportunity, safety and most importantly religious:  But not perhaps as you may think.  The overlooked opportunity is to be able to freely read the Bible. Perhaps the Muslims coming to America are chosen, the elect of a billion who have the greatest opportunity, to find and believe in the God of the Bible, the only True God and Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah who he had sent.  Muslims are not here, though most may believe differently, to establish another Islamic state or even to remain Islamic Muslims, but to become Bible believing followers of God, to be part of his family and then in part to naturally help restore and preserve America.

It is your chance Muslims, submit to the love of God.  There is nothing in your writings to prevent you from getting a Bible and reading it. Nothing! Just old fearful traditions that lead to poverty, misery and separation from the True God of the Bible. You have no excuse to resist the will of the true God, who loves you and wants you as children.  So submit to that love and forever dispose of fear. In a sense you have made an escape, you are now in America, flawed and struggling but held together by God's grace and preserved by his salt. Believe in the love of God and don't turn away because of fear. The Word of God is everywhere in America, find it, study it for yourselves, you do not need to have someone explain it to you. It is right there, for you to read anytime, in any language. "If you abide in my Word, you will know the Truth and....." Take courage Muslim and find his Word, no one but you can stop this!

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