Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Take Action Now!


Since such a large part of the Islamic scriptures are devoted to the non-Muslims, the others, this FACT naturally motivates 'the others' to respond and take action against the individuals, organizations and nations who hold to and disseminate these negative, damaging and destructive teachings.  The FACT motivates 'the others' to defend against and also to expose these teachings and call for their elimination.

The Islamic writings and traditions regarding people of other faiths and cultures are appalling.  Being that I am a Christian, more precisely, a Christian who identifies and worships with Jews as a Messianic, I find these Islamic scriptures abhorrent, intimidating and an infringement of my rights.  Since it is Islam via their scriptures that defines and degenerates my religion, and calls for action against my religion and prescribes certain destructive and illegal  treatments toward my fellow believers, Christians are drawn in and have a natural authority and right to change Islamic teachings and demand Muslims to make those changes. 

  • Strike all Qur'an & Haddith references denying the deity of Yeshua/Jesus.
  • Acknowledge that he is the Spirit and Word of God. 
  • Strike all references that incite to kill Christians (and others) along with the verses that incite terror and oppression. 
  • Stop attacking Yeshua/Jesus and the Bible. 
  • Give fellow  Muslims their civil and natural right to choose their beliefs and abolish punishments for apostasy. 
  • Formally apologize for historical and present murdering of Christians and insults against Christians throughout Islamic history.
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